Keeping Our Online Workspaces Safe With New Security Tools

 Keeping online workspaces safe is the top priority as more people work from home. A vital part of this is to secure your company's communication and exchange of information.

Providers are actively working on ways to make collaboration platforms more secure. As such, they are releasing new options regularly to help protect confidential information from cybercriminals.

One such platform is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams will get a major security update to protect businesses from online risks. The update, called Collaboration Security, is now up for preview.

Why We Need Safe Online Workspaces

Many businesses now use online collaboration platforms to help their employees work together. Currently, 71% of companies use platforms like Microsoft Teams to share important information.

But using these online tools has its own set of risks. For example, hackers may trick your employees into clicking on malicious links or sharing private information. This can lead to problems like stolen data or even control over your company's computer systems.

Improving Online Workspace Security

Providers are working on ways to make online tools and environments safer. For example, Microsoft's Collaboration Security helps find and stop threats and report anything suspicious. In addition, it has a portal that organizes and shows threat information to security teams.

What Businesses Can Do to Stay Safe

Outside of these tools, businesses need to take their own proactive steps. Here are some things you can do:

  • Choose an online workspace tool that has robust security features.
  • Teach employees about online dangers and how to spot and report anything suspicious.
  • Keep an eye on security alerts and fix security problems quickly.

An Active Role to Play

With more companies and employees choosing remote work, protecting sensitive data and communication is vital. Every day there are better ways to keep collaboration platforms safe. 

As a business owner, you should choose platforms with solid security. In addition, you should be quick in addressing cyber threats. By fixing problems immediately, you can avoid data leaks and other issues, ensuring your employees work on a safe and productive platform.

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